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Bad smellthe Vagina How to Eliminate bad smellthe Vaginaé Home Remedies for Bad SmellsVagina There are several home treatments to improve and treat the bad smellthe vagina smell of mold or odor Let the tips to eliminate bad smell of the vagina or the female private parts, sitz bath with Apple Vinegar: Ingredients for seat bath: 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon vinegar Preparing: 1 Place a tablespoon of apple cider vinegara gallon of warm watera bowl.

3 Repeat once a day until the odor disappearsthe vagina, which should take place no later than one week. 4 If there is no end of bad smellthe vagina, see your . Bath seat with Sodium Bicarbonate: Seat bath ingredients with Sodium Bicarbonate: 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 liter of water How to Prepare the bath seat 1. Dissolve a teaspoon of baking sodaa quart of hot water. 2 Pour into a bowl with warm water and make the sitz bath for 30 minutes.

3 may be repeated up to two times daily for a week. 4 Even before the council, if not the symptom disappearsa week see your . Bath seat with Melaleuca Oil and Lavender Seat bath ingredients with Melaleuca, and Lavender 10 ops of melaleuca 5 lavender oil 1 liter of water oplets oil How to Prepare the bath seat 1. Dissolve 10 ops of tea tree oil and 5 ops of lavender oila quart of warm water more hot. 2 Make sitz bath for about 20 minutes

3 y thoroughly, it is not necessary to rinse. 4 You can repeat as many times as necessary. 5 If there is no improvement the bad smellthe vagina, a should be consulted. Sitting bath with Aroeira and Barbatimão peel: Seat bath ingredients of Aroeira and Barbatimão 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon mastic peel 1 tablespoon barbatimão peel soup How to Prepare the bath seat 1. Place a gallon of water to a boil, turn off when the boil and put this water one tablespoon full of mastic peel and a tablespoon of barbatimão bark.

2 Allow to stand for about 5 minutes. 3. Then pour the watera bowl with warm water and make the sitz bath. 4 You can repeat three times a week. I hope you enjoy the tips, that care and that they are becoming more healthy and beautiful day.

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