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DR. DOUGLAS: A large proportion of people who get various sexually transmitted infections never know it. They never develop symptoms. And that's important because you can't tell if somebody's got an STD by looking at them. And I can't tell if I've got an STD by how I feel. Very often when I diagnose a sexually transmitted disease

a young person, they say, quot;How did I get itéquot; I say, quot;You know, they don't come with people's names on them.quot; So I don't know how you happened to get it, but the problem is you didn't protect yourself. Sexual responsibility is really important. I have a responsibility to myself, that I'm getting tested, as well as responsibility to my partners,

making sure that they're tested. When you give your body to someone else, you're giving them full control over your life. Protect yourself, make everybody use a condom. DR. GRIMES: Condoms work very well to prevent HIV and trichomonas and gonorrhea and chlamydia. Condoms can't protect against diseases that are spread outside the area that a condom covers,

such as herpes or syphilis or genital warts, the HPV virus. It's really important to use them all the time, including for oral sex. Ask all the right questions before you get involved with someone physically and use the very best judgment that you have with regard to the possibilities of being intimate with someone. Telling your about your behavior when they ask

and telling the truth is so important. DR. WONG: Getting tested is very simple, and it's an easy process. For gonorrhea or chlamydia infections, all you have to do is provide a very small sample of urine. A quick and easy blood aw can accomplish syphilis and HIV testing. Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea or chlamydia

these are bacterial infections that can be easily treated with antibiotics. If it's a viral sexually transmitted infection, like herpes or human papillomavirus or even HIV, these conditions can be managed with medical care. DR. JENKINS: Abstinence and limiting partners, having a monogamous relationship is really the best way to try to protect yourself and prevent having these diseases.

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What Does Your Gut Say About Your Overall Health The Balancing Act

Try to digest this. More and more scientistsbelieve that everything from anxiety and depression to obesity to rheumatoid arthritis to chronicfatigue spectrum the list of diseases goes on and on are all connected to our gut.You know, our stomach. The belly and what's inside. Our guest, Zach Bush is an experton healthy guts and has lots of insights for us this morning. He is founder CEO of RevolutionHealth Center and Biomic Sciences. Good morning. Good morning. Thanks for having me.Thanks for being here. This is so appropriate for the morning because I know, especiallymy husband, he's probably having a cup of coffee right now. He's probably dipping hisdonut or his toast into that coffee and he's

pain. And I know a lot of people that wakeup every morning, ,pain. Yes, this has become an epidemicour environment.We've got over 60 to 80 percent of Americans now identifying with the concept of gut problems,and most Americans right now are eating diets that are full of processed foods which arerichGMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, and pesticides that are usedthe farming industry,and this can really damage the frontline of health. The immune system is really destroyedas these are consumed. The wipeout of bacteriathe gut leads to a weakening of the gutlining. So whether it's the coffee or the donut or whatever you're about to putyourmouth, you have an opportunity now for that

to pass inappropriate from the gut into yourbloodstream. And it's not just the food, righté I meanit could be other factors, stress, I mean the list can go on and onterms of unhealthyguté It's a vicious cycle between external forcesand internal stressors that lead to real severe gut problems.And then what's compromised here, which you just touched upon, and I'd like to hear alittle bit more about that is our immune system. Because then we have problems, we get unhealthy,and diseases come about. Why is it compromisedé Absolutely. So, as you lose bacteria, youbecome vulnerable at that frontline of defense,

which is the gut wall. It should be a firewallof defense against the outside world and your immune system. But as it becomes leaky andyou start to introduce inappropriate material into that immune system, it gets overwhelmed,and the results is chronic inflammation, which is the primary cause of all chronic disease.And I know you're very passionate about this. That's why your company, Biomic Sciences,is really leading the waycreating a supplement that's good for hence my husband and somany people out there your supplement is Restore. Tell me how that is changing lives.The effort with Restore is really to start to really figure out what is a healthy gutéWith Restore, what our discovery was, is that

there are carbon molecules made by bacteriawhen they digest food. And those carbon molecules actually are bunches up and create a firewallof defense and support to block the toxicity of our environment.And we're seeing a picture right now, so if you could explain right here what we're seeing.Yeah, and sothat upper right hand corner, you're seeing a control membrane that's readyto absorb nutrients and food into the system. Right below that, you're seeing an image ofthe amount of gluten seenone slice of pizza. Now, what you see is gaps between thecells that have developed that are almost 25% of the circumference of the whole cell.See, this huge leaky sieve has occurred. In

contrast, to your left, if you take Restoreon that membrane, you get a 60% increasethose tight junction barriers, and then thegluten introduction with the Restore at the bottom left hand corner is showing you nodamage whatsoever. So that person, who may be suffering fromthis and then also gets that bloating and that horrible feeling, Restore can reallyhelp them and alleviate that a lot. Yes, it's a stunning situation where not justgluten sensitivity but every condition that we think of with chronic inflammation now,whether it's asthma and food allergiesour chilen, eczema, even the autistic spectrumall the way to the adult where you're looking

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