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Yeast Infection Behind Ears

How to Cure an Ear Infection Fast

Hey guys, Axe here, of FunctionalMedicine and Nutritionist. Today, I'm going to share with you how to cure an ear infectionfast. I know ear infections, whether it be adults or more commonlychilen, are somethingthat. We don't want chilen living with that pain,dealing with that issue, but we also want to be all naturalthat treatment and reallyhelp support their bodyhealingthe correct way. There are four things you cando to help heal an ear infection fast, and there are four terrific home remedies thatyou want to consider. The first thing you want to do, and you wantto do internallythe ear, is doing garlic

oil. You can buy garlic oil at almost anyhealth food store. Garlic actually has natural antiviral properties, and the majority ofthe time when a child has an ear infection, it is a virus, not usually a bacteria. This is why antibiotics are completely ineffectiveagainst ear infections. In fact, if you go to your primary care physician and they recommendan antibiotic for an ear infection, I would consider if you should use that ornot. Because they really probably don't know whatthey're doing, unfortunately, because most ear infections are viral. Again, garlic oil,a few opsthe ear is an effective treatment.

The second thing you want to be doing is takingsomething called tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, not putting thatthe earbut rubbing it all around the outside of the ear. Tea tree oil has powerful antisepticproperties. It's been used for huneds of years for the natural treatments of woundsand infections. Again, I would do tea tree oil a few ops.You can mix it with a little coconut oil as well. Rub it all over the ear and all aroundthe ear area. Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, is a very, very effective naturaltreatment. The third treatment is actually chiropracticcare. Chiropractic has been shown to be very,

very effectivethe treatment of ear infections.What can happen is the spine can misalignthe upper neck, and that can actually affectthe way the body heals and those nerve signals getting from the brain to that area and justaffect the overall healing. We've actually seen. Bring your child toa wellness or a pediatric chiropractor. They can do a very light manual adjustment to thechild. Often sometimes they even just do some light tapping or use an instrument. That canactually heal an ear infection quickly as well. Last but not least, you've got to get to theroot cause of what is causing the ear infection

the first place. One of the most commonthings is food sensitivities. If your child is allergic to gluten, to certain things likelactose or caseindairy, to nuts, to citrus, to a load of things, that is actually oneof the biggest causes of ear infection today. What I would consider doing is getting yourchild what's called an I.G.G. food sensitivity test and actually getting them tested forfood allergies, food sensitivities, or food intolerances. That's one of the big thingsto look for. You can get those tests done. They're fairlyinexpensive. Or, if you don't want to do that, then just really watch and listen to theirbody. Notice if they're consuming certain

types of conventional cow's milk or glutenthat can cause the ear infections. But justgeneral for almost everybody outthere, if your child is getting ear infections, you should get them off gluten and off conventionalcow's milk. If they want to do a little bit of goat's milk yogurt, or something like that,or goat's cheese, most kids do fine with that form of dairy. Again, the conventional cow's milk, the glutenin grain products, those are probably the two biggest culprits when it comes to causingear infections. Again, remember those four things if you wantto help remedy your child's ear infections.

Clogged Ear Due to Ear Infection or Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

The eustachian tube is a tunnel that extends from the middle ear to the back of the nose. Normally, this tunnel can easily open or pop to allow pressure to escape from the ear allowing a clogged or muffled ear sensation to resolve. To explain further, when pressure increasesthe middle ear, such as when going up a mountain or flying upan airplane, theearum can bulge out from the higher pressurethe ear relative to the outside. When aperson pops the ear, they open the eustachian tube allowing the excess pressurethe ear to escape out into the back of the nose. When pressure decreasesthe middle ear, such as when going down a mountain or flying

downwardsan airplane, the earum can bulge inward from the reduced pressurethe ear relative to the outside. When a person pops the ear, they open the eustachian tube allowing the excess pressurethe outside to enter into the ear eliminating the negative pressure. When a person experiences an ear infection, it may not just be negative ear pressure that is present, but also fluid causing hearinglossaddition to a clogged or muffled ear sensation. Here we see an ear becoming infected with eventual pus formation. As the infection clears and the pus dissipates, residual fluid isleft behind along with negative ear pressure. Because of the inflammation induced by the ear infection, the eustachian tube lining

may be swollen shut causing it to be verydifficult if not impossible to open with ear popping attempts. If the eustachian tube can not open, than ear fluid and negative pressure will persist resultingpersistent hearingloss and clogged ear sensation. However, with time and sometimes mediions, the eustachian tube swelling will resolve allowing it to finally open via ear popping.With ear popping, the eustachian tube opens and allows fluid and pressure to release and ain out into the back of the nose. This may need to be repeated many times before things go fully back to normal. However, if the eustachian tube swelling persists and does not respond to mediions, an ear

tube can be placed surgically allowing fluid and pressure to ain through the tube and out of the ear canal bypassing the eustachian tube altogether. Of course, it's not just ear infections thatcan cause an inflamed eustachian tube. Sinus infections, viral infections, allergies, and even reflux can cause the eustachian tube to swell shut leading to pressure and evenfluid to build upthe middle ear.

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