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Yeast Infection Dog Paws

Bacterial Vaginosis Overview

Bacterial vaginosis, or BV for short, is aninfection of the vagina that develops when the normal balance of vaginal bacteria isdisrupted. BV is the most common vaginal infectionwomen of childbearing age. Examples of activities that change the normalbacterial balance include douching, taking antibiotics, wearing an intrauterine deviceor IUD, and having unprotected sexual activity. BV is more commonsexually active womenthannonsexually active women, but it is not considered a sexually transmitted diseaseor STD. The main symptom of BV is a thin vaginal dischargethat appears grayish white and smells of fish,

especially after sexual activity. Other symptomsmay include burning when urinating, itching around the outside of the vagina, and irritation.These symptoms may also be caused by another type of infection, so it is important to seea . Many women with BV have no symptoms at all. BV is often diagnosed based on a pelvic examand symptoms, however certain tests can help confirm the diagnosis. BV will sometimes go away without treatment.Your healthcare provider may choose to treat it with antibiotics if your symptoms persist.

Dog Health Treatment Advice How to Treat a Swollen Paw

Hi, I'm Aimee Beger. I'm a veterinarian,and we're here today to talk about your 's swollen paw. If you notice that your 's, or , has a swollen paw it would be very wise to take themfor a visit withtheir veterinarian. The sooner the better. Swollen paws can result from injuries, suchas bites, or possibly being accidentally stepped on, or twisting their ankle outthe yardto infectious things; either puncture wounds or or other infectious diseases. It's veryimportant to prevent your your from licking his paw if it is swollen, because that couldfurther exacerbate any inflammation or infection that they are having. The ways that we treathere are to first determine the cause, why

is your your 's paw swollen, to deter todetermine if it's fractured, or if there's just a soft tissue injury. If it's just softtissuenature we typically send home an antiinflammatory and an antibiotic for your, and just have them rest for a couple of weeks.

Dog Ear Infection Dog Ear Infection Treatment

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