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Yeast Infection Headache

Are My Bad Headaches Caused By My Yeast Infection

Good day, there. Eric Bakker, naturopath,author of Candida Crusher with another question. Are my bad headaches caused from a yeast infection,Ericé I get lots of headaches. I get bloating. Here's a question I do get asked not thatoften, but I do. And this is how I'm going to explain it to you. I think a key thing which people tend to overlookwith Candida is what I call the metabolic byproducts of Candida. We know that Candidaalbicans is yeast, but what a lot of people don't know is what yeast can basically do;yeast can die down and cell wall fragments can create problems. Yeast can also createimmunosuppressant toxins themselves, and yeast

can also create another chemical called acetaldehyde,which is very common. Acetaldehyde also occurs when you ink alcohol. Acetaldehyde productionalso occurs when yeast arethe digestive system. In Japan, high yeastthe gut is a diseasenow called unk Disease and some people can actually feel spaced out or stoned with highacetaldehyde levels. Acetaldehyde infiltrates the brain and you certainly know all aboutthat when you ink having that stoned heavy feeling the day after. Now imagine when youink alcohol and you've got a yeast infection, you've got a doublebarrel dose. And thisis why a lot of guys who ink beer or wine

or women who ink lots of wine with bad yeastinfections can feel particularly phaged out and really stoned and washed out with consumptionof alcohol. The toxins I was talking about are calledGliotoxins. A study was conductedGermany2010, and has actually been published ina circulatory journal. You can actually read about thatmy book, Candida Crusher. Gliotoxincan cripple the immune system. So Gliotoxins producedthe presence of various typesof fungi like Aspergillus, Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis; I think there are 19 speciesof Candida and several produce Gliotoxin. Gliotoxin is quite an insidious toxin thatcan have very bad effects on the immune system.

It can out regulate some pathways. There'sa particular chemical produced called Interleukin 6 and that can be produced, andhigheramounts,the presence of Gliotoxin. And this can create pain and inflammation. The other thing with the Gliotoxin is it canaffect the circulation and even the clotting of the blood. So some experts even believethat Candida can predispose you toward things like strokes. It's amazing, isn't ité Themannose, basically glycoproteins or small fragments of cell wall that get into the bloodstreamas yeast dies, and these can also infiltrate into the brain like Gliotoxin and acetaldehydeand create pain and pressure and inflammation.

So many people talk to me about feeling washedout, stoned, brain fog, even unk, and now you know. These are some of the reasons whyyou could feel like that from a Candida infection. So yes, Candida can cause headaches and evenserious headaches. So I hope that answers your question. You can read a lot more aboutthismy book, Candida Crusher. Thank you.

Can Candida Cause Migraines

Hello there. It's naturopath, Eric Bakker,author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks oncemore for checking out my tutorial. I appreciate all my subscribers out there.Another question. I get questions, questions, questions. This is an interesting one. quot;Eric,can Candida cause migrainesé Are migraine headaches caused by Candida yeast infectionséquot;There is definitely a link between migraine headaches and Candida. It's not fair to saythat all migraines are caused by Candida, but there is certainly a relationship betweenthem both. It's not fair to say that fire trucks cause fires, but there is definitelya relationship with fires and fire trucks.

Because quite often when we see a fire, especiallya big fire, we'll see a fire truck turning up there. Did the fire truck cause the fireéProbably didn't. But there is a bit more of might of if there's a stupid fire operator,but it usually doesn't happen. But there's a relationship between them both. And oftena relationship between them is quite common. It's the same thing we're going to find withmigraines. Many people with migraine headaches have got some kind of Candida yeast infection.That's my al experience. I see many times if we clear up the yeast infection,the headaches get less and less and less. I see the same thing with psoriasis. Whenwe clean up the yeast infection, the psoriasis

disappears. I can show you huneds of emailsfrom people that have told me this. I can show you many emails and go over many casestudies of people who got rid of their migraines once the Candida clear up. But did the Candidacause the migraineé Who knowsé Who caresé There is a relationship there. If we breakthat relationship, we are also going to help to sever the tie between those two things.Let's have a look at a couple of interesting facts. Back1998, a study was done on alarge group of migraine sufferers and they found that 16 percent of all migraine sufferershad a very bad Candida yeast infection. Another interesting point is a lot of people withmigraines have got a very low level of monocytes

their blood. Monocytes are a particulartype of white blood cell that get depleted with long term chronic infections like Candidayeast infections or bacterial infections. When you've had an infection for a while,the monocytes go down, down, down. If you had a gambling problem for a while, your bankaccount is probably going to go down. You get the pointé A problem long enough causesanother problem. Perceptive and smart people, investigators when they see things, they startnoticing that there's a problem. The other thing is an interesting point I'venoticed is that women tend to get migraines two or three times more than mean. Many womenget migraines also around their menstrual

cycle or the women on oral contraceptive pills.We know that there is a relationship with estrogen and migraines as well. We also knowthere is a relationship with estrogen and Candida. Funny that. What's the connectionéThe estrogen has an effect on increasing the release of glycogen from cell walls, whichfeeds up the Candida. That's what you've got to bearmind. This is why vaginal yeastinfections usually flare up premenstrual rather than after the menstrual cycle. Migrainesusually are improved by about 50 percent of people who take fermented foods out of theirdiet. Fermented foods. Alcohol is a fermented food. Sauerkraut is a fermented food. Agedcheese has a fermentation about them. All

these foods can really cause big headacheproblems with people. But when you take them out, the headaches go away. When you takethem out, the Candida tends to go down, too. Many of the foods I've got on my migraineavoidance list are also on the antiCandida avoidance list. Funny that. Another bit ofa relationship there. Have a think about those points. While we can't say the fire truckcaused the fire, we can say there is a huge relationship between them both. Think aboutthat. If you've got migraine headaches, consider my Candida Crusher program. Consider takingthe Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore products. The Canxida products work very well with peoplewith migraine headaches. Just like they do

How to Get Rid of Candida Yeast Infections VitaLife Show Episode 170

Welcome to the VitaLife Show! I'm Janine Bowring and todaywe're talking all about how to cure candida yeast infectionsjust 5easy steps now had a questiona previous tutorial here on the VitaLife show about that very question how do you getrid of candida once and for all so I am going to share with youin five steps be sure to stay into the end the tutorial and clickSubscribe to our channel so you always

get our newest and greatest uploads here on the VitaLife Show on YouTube so step number one you have to stop feedingthese bad guys so the candida they feed off of things like sugar alcoholyeast so stop eating those as much as you canplease stop eating those so you stop feeding these bad guys that are livingin your digestive tract andyour blood step number two is tokill them so I've actually developed a fantasticparasite cleanse you can check it out

on vitatree comprehensivecompletely natural very gentle but very effective killing those candida organisms withoutany negative side effects step three is to clean out now all thatnegative debris from that candida other parasites as well you want to makesure that your flushing out your digestive tract and that'sexactly what our VitaMucil does this is the soluble fiber that flushesaway cleans the walls of your intestine to get rid of all about debrisfrom those parasites and that candia

Step four to detoxify sounfortunately no matter how long these candida organisms and those parasites have been living inyour digestive tract they have been affecting and giving oftoxins so you want to make sure that youdetoxify all those organisms all those toxins that have accumulatedin the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the digestive tract, the blood andlymphatic system and that's the VitaDetox and we haveother tutorials on that that you can check

out step 5: To inoculate you have toput the good guys backand that is probiotics. So VitaTree Probiotics unlike any other probiotic on the market design for your human digestive tractyou have to check it out you have to make sure that part of now it now staying healthy so that you don't getthose parasites and that candida coming back

is to always reinoculate with the VitaTree Probiotics so thanks for joining me today be surethat you leave your questions and comments below like thousands have youdo out there which I love we always get back to you be sure to click Subscribe so justsubscribe up here that you always get our newest tutorials here the VitaLife Show be sure to like us on Facebook andfollow us on Twitter @vitatree and be sure also to checkour other

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