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Yeast Infection Kill

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Can Male Yeast Infection Kill You

Can male yeast infection kill you is the questionI've been asked by a few guys over the years. Well, it doesn't really kill you, but it probablywill kill the quality of your life. In extreme cases, a Candida yeast infection can killa guy if he's got, for example, if he's HIV positive, he's got fullblown Aids, and he'svery immune compromised. I've got no doubt thata lot of those cases, people willdie of a simple yeast infection. Many people with severe immune compromisedillness have got Candida. If we look at people with really bad hepatitis, for example, andI'm surecases like Ebola. People that get this Ebola virus get very sick and willend up contracting a bad yeast infection.

Candida yeast infections are quite well knownin s to be involveda lot of cases of people who aretheir dying stages. Mainlybecause it's an opportunistic organism that will take over knowing the opportunity isright. When the immune system is very low, Candida will go very high and that can beenough to take a person out, to kill them. While Candida can't kill you directly, itcan certainly be therethe latter stages of quite a serious illness when you're immunecompromised. I would say more likely it kills the qualityof your life, and it certainly killed the quality of my lifemy 20s for ages whenI had a lot of depression and anxiety and

severe jock itch. It made me feel terrible.I had quite bad depression and anxiety from this jock itch that I had. It was really abad particularly when the basically just didn't believe me and gave me these stupidcreams that didn't work. In those situations, you can get pretty downand out about it. But killing you, no, it's not really a disease that will kill you acutelyas such. So I hope that answers your question.

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