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Yeast Infection Lasting Months

Vagina Warning Signs that Your Vagina is Unhealthy

Warning Signs that Your Vagina is Unhealthy1. Itching Burning A constant itching and burning sensation indiesthe onset of a number of vaginal infections. When the harmful bacteria outnumber the goodbacteriathe vagina, the imbalance manifests itself through the physical symptom of itchingand burning. A certain amount of yeast is essential toward off harmful bacteriathe vaginal area. However, an overproduction of yeast can resultin a yeast infection, causing symptoms that include itching and burning.

An inflammatory sensation and itching withoutany foul odor emanating from the vagina are signs of a yeast infection, according to a2004 study publishedThe Journal of the American Medical Association. Itching can also be a reaction to chemicalsor ingredientssoaps, creams, contraceptive foams and prepackaged douching mixtures. These mixtures can alter the bacterial balanceand acidity of the vagina that protect it against infections. 2.

Smelly Discharge It�s unlikely for your vagina to smell likea bed of roses, but if you notice a recurrent strong odor, one that even transfers to yourundergarments, it might be a sign of an infection. An excess of harmful bacteria causes bacterialvaginosis. A foulsmelling vaginal discharge is oftenthe first and most common symptom of this infection. A �fishy odor� is one of the major symptomsof bacterial vaginosis, according to a 2011 study publishedthe International Journalof Women�s Health.

This discharge may especially occur afterintercourse. Pregnant women who contract bacterial vaginosisrun a risk of delivering their baby prematurely, according to the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention. It also increases the risk of contractingsexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, and may sometimes lead to pelvic inflammatorydisease. Therefore, seek medical attention right awayif you notice a vaginal odor. 3. Discoloration Excessive Discharge

Vaginal discharge is the body�s naturalmechanism to keep the vagina lubried and flush out harmful bacteria. Normal vaginal discharge � clear or whiteand does not give off a bad odor. A brown or red discharge that occurs rightafter a menstrual cycle is usually not a matter of concern. However, if you experience brown or red dischargeon normal days between periods, seek medical attention as it could be indiive of cervicalcancer. If it occurs during early pregnancy, it couldsignify a miscarriage.

A green or yellow, smelly and frothlike dischargeis not normal and may be a sign of trichomoniasis, an STD. A watery white, gray or yellow discharge mightbe a symptom of bacterial vaginosis. While the amount of discharge differs fromwoman to woman, recurrent and excessive discharge may also indie bacterial vaginosis. Seek medical attention right away if you noticea discolorationyour vaginal discharge. 4. Abnormal Bleeding

Chronic Fatigue Synome and Aenal Fatigue

This is Lam. Chronic Fatigue Synomeis a condition of prolonged and severe tiredness or fatigue that is not relieved by just rest,and it is not directly caused by other more acute situations. To diagnose with this condition,you must have the main symptoms, which are: number one, prolonged fatigue and tired lastingat least six months, and not relieved by bed rest. In addition, the fatigue must be severeenough to restrict activities that normally people do by at least 50%. Because the symptomsof Chronic Fatigue Synome can be so complex, there are many, many other various, minorsymptoms that go along with it. For example, fatigue lasting 24 or more hours after anamount of exercise that would normally be

easily tolerated. This experience,otherwords, of the body feeling ained after a normal exercise period. Number two, therecould be a feeling of unrefreshedness after you have a full night of sleep. In other words,you wake up feeling kind of ained. Number three, you have symptoms of forgetfulness,or brain fog, including difficultyconcentration, as well as confusion. Number four, there couldbe signs of irritability, as well as anxiety. Number five, there could be different formsof headache that is different from previous types of headaches. Many people have headaches– that is one of the things that are very common – but this kind of headache thatcomes with chronic fatigue is very different

from the ordinary headaches that a personusually gets. Another one: joint pains that sometime can move from place to place, whatwe call migratory arthralgias, but it does not come with any joint swelling or redness,but you have pain of unknown originthe joints. One of the important symptoms thatalso commonly comes up is a lymph node tenderness, especiallythe neck andthe armpit.Some people can have a mild fever of 101 degrees or less, Fahrenheit. Of course, muscle ache,or myalgia, is common and not real welldefinedterms of its consistent place. Lastly,you can have muscle weakness over multiple loions not explained by any known disorder.The exact cost of Chronic Fatigue Synome

is really not known. Some people suspect sometype of viral etiology, such as EpsteinBarr Virus, or Human Herpes Virus 6, HHV6. However,no specific virus has yet to be identified. It has been shown, however, that CFS may becaused by inflammation along with the nervous system, and this inflammation may be somesort of immune response, but again, there is no specific scientific studies to provethis as a causation factor. Other factors such as ago, prior illnesses, stress, environmentalfactors, and genetic makeup also play a role, and CFS is most commonwomen, occurringfrom age 30 to 50. The Center For Disease Control, the CDC, describes CFS as a distinctdisorder with specific symptoms and physical

signs, based on ruling out other possiblecauses. It is estimated that a lot of people suffer from this condition, although the exactnumber is really not known. The differential diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue include ugdependence, immune problems, infections, neurological symptoms such as those associated with multiplesclerosis, endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, as well as heart, kidney, and liver diseases,and many mindbody conditions with psychiatric and psychological illnesses, particularlydepression. Also, one that is seldom looked into and not so recognized by conventionalmedicine is Aenal Fatigue, which we will adess later. The diagnosis of CFS must includea few things. Number one is the absence of

other causes of chronic fatigue, excludingdepression, and these four other symptoms that's listed, as well extreme, prolongedfatigue. Again, there are no specific test results to confirm the diagnosis of CFS. Sometimesa brain MRI can show some swellingthe brain, andthe structure of some of thenerve cells of what we call the demyelization. As well, sometimes, there could be a highlevel of specific white blood cells compared to other types of white blood cells, specifically,CD4 Tcells versus CD8 Tcells. There are also specific white cells, lymphocytes, thatcontain the active form of EBV or HHV6, as we talked about earlier as a viral etiology.The prognosis of CFS varies. The longterm

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