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Yeast Infection Overthecounter

Can I Use An Over The Counter Fungal Cream For My Itch

Good day, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusherwith another frequently asked question. They just keep coming on. There are plenty of these. Can I use an overthecounter antifungalcream for my itché Of course you can. There are many differentcreams and lotions and potions you can use for yeast infection. My recommendations arefor you not really to use the pharmaceutical approach where you're going to use a vaginalapplior and a pharmaceutical cream. I don't find women often have success with these products.They tend to get recurring thrush, recurring yeast infection, which require recurring appliions.And often times, a will prescribe these

creams along with an applior, along withan antifungal like fluconazole. You can see some of my case historiesmybook, Candida Crusher. Some of these women take these products for 2, 5, and 10 yearsor more and get no relief. And as soon as they stop, the problem keeps recurring. What I think aboutmy mind when you usea product and a proper protocol, you should get a resolution from your problem. You shouldn'thave to be continually relying on a product to keep a problem not just at bay but to eradieit. If you need to keep using these creams, there's something not right here. You're notdoing something right.

Have a look at my book, Candida Crusher, Chapter5, Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections. There's some brilliant ideasthere to show youhow you can actually cure this condition, get rid of it for good. So, you can use overthecounter creams, butwhy would you recurrently use a cream. Using a cream and getting rid of the condition shortterm is good, but relying on a product is no good. A good cream you could try out, forexample, would be a tea treebased cream. There are creams made with many differentherbs and products with tea tree are very good products that you could use.

What about a tea tree suppositoryé I recommendthose. You can read about thosemy book. There are many different douche or cleansingprotocols I've written about, particularly usefulconjunction with my Candida Crusherdiet. So give that some consideration rather thanjust relying continually on creams. Thank you.

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