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Yeast Infection Test Strips

What is bacterial vaginosis

Bacterialvaginosis is a disease that's caused by the overgrowth of a type of bacteria that's called Gardnerella vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis. And as the name might suggest, this is the most common vaginal infection. Now I wanna put these really big quotes

around the term infection because the thing that's interesting about Gardnerella vaginalis is that it's a bacteriathat's naturally foundthe vagina. Now some may consider this to be a sexually transmitted infection, which is interestingbecause it doesn't cause

any problems until there'stoo much of it there. So when we look to the causes of bacterial vaginosis, they are all things that change the vaginal environment. That can include acts like douching, so douching, or rinsing of the vagina. The other is having newor multiple sex partners.

And finally, another known cause is the use of antibiotics. This could bethe case of somebody that has a throat infection or a pneumonia that's on antibiotics which will then attackthe bacteria that exists within the vagina andallow Gardnerella vaginalis to overgrow and cause bacterial vaginosis.

So we've touched a little bit on it here, but I wanna aw it out. So when we talk about the pathophysiology of a disease, we'retalking about the mechanism by which that disease occurs. Soorder to understandthe pathophysiology of bacterial vaginosis, we need to take a look at a sample of bacteria

that existsthe vagina. So I'll aw out someGardnerella vaginalis bacteria, and so I'll put this upour key. This is the symbol forGardnerella vaginalis. And I'll aw a few of them around here, but I also wanna show that there are a lot of other bacteriathat existthis sample. So if you really look at it here,

Yeast Infections Boys Town Pediatrics

Occasionally diaper rashes can become infectedwith yeast. Yeast just lives on the skingeneral and it likes warm moist environmentsthat are dark to start growing. So if you've had a diaper rash that's been there forthree days, is one clue. If it has kind of a beefy red appearance and especially if thereare little red dots that we call satellite lesions steredthe area, those may besigns of yeast infections. It doesn't happen as frequently if you'rechanging the diapers frequently but if you have a diaper rash that is already there andyou leave a diaper on for a long time it is more likely it is going to turn into a yeastinfection.

If the yeast infection goes on and on it caninvolve more of a widespread area, it can break down the skin, that skin can then becomeinfected with bacteria on top of the yeast and just become more difficult to treat andmore painful for your baby. You can comeand be seen with those andyou can also try some home treatments with overthecounter medicine like Clotrimazolewhich is available over the counter, usuallythe athlete's foot section. It's fineto putthat diaper area. So you are going to want to put your mediedointment on first and then put your barrier ointment on top of that, your roleum jelly, your Desitin, your Boueaux's, your A

and D, whichever, andgeneral just stayaway from the powders. We don't want to use the cornstarch, the talcum powers, thebaby powders, just your creams and ointments. If it is not responding to that mediionor if it looks like there may be something else going on make sure to comeand seeyour . The main thing is try to keep a y diaperon as frequent as possible so it doesn't mean at the first sign of pee you have tochange but try to avoid those times with prolonged episodes of sittinga wet diaper. Those episodes are the settings where the fungus thrives. When you start to see a littlebit of a rash go ahead and start using diaper

ointment and just use thick amounts of it.If your use a thin amount it just isn't going to work as effectively.

10 Black Seed Oil Benefits

10 Black Seed Oil Benefits. Black seed, considered to be a magical seed,is truly one of the most powerful seeds. In Islam it is believed to be a cure for alldiseases except death and is called �the blessed seed�the Middle East. It has many other names viz. black cumin,roman coriander, onion seed and black caraway. It resembles the shape of a sesame seed, andis commonly used as a spiceIndian, Pakistani, Persian and Middleeastern cuisines. The chemicalcomposition of the black seed is proved to be very rich and very diverse.

The black seed is suggested to have been usedas early as the 5th century B.C. by Hippocrates and a few others. It was also claimed thata bottle filled with black seeds was found inside the tomb of the Egyptian King, Tutankhamen. The black seed oil is derived by pressingthe seeds, this nutrient rich oil contains about a huned healing components, and eachcomponent works together with the other components to aid the bodymaintaining an overallaspect of well being. Research shows that this is possibly the only herb with such anextensive range of healing properties. Black seed oil comprises two major components,one is nigellone and the other is thymoquinone.

The first component helps with respiratoryailments, at the same time acting as an antihistamine. The second contains antiinflammatory substancesalong with being an antioxidant which helpscleansing the body of toxins. Since ancient times, black seed and its oilare being used to cure a wide range of ailments. Here are ten of the many benefits of blackseed oil. 1.Boosts the Immune system. Black seed oil has the capacity to supportand improve a weak immune system, enabling it to fight infections and irritants thatmay cause allergies.

To boost the immune system, one teaspoon ofblack seed oil should be takenthe morning and at night. For relieving symptoms of allergies,half a teaspoon of black seed oil can be taken when indiion of an allergy occurs. 2.AidsDetoxifiion. For overall good health, it is essential thatthe body is free from toxins, and black seed oil helpsachieving just that. It has the unique ability to cleanse the digestivesystem as it has a strong antioxidant power. For this purpose, one teaspoon of black seedoil can be consumed boththe morning and

at night, with or without honey. 3.Cures Cough, Asthma and Fever. Black seed oil has antibacterial and antiinflammatoryproperties, both of which helptreating ailments like asthma, cough and fever. For relief from asthma, a teaspoon of oilshould be added to boiled water and the resultant vapors should be inhaled, twice a day. For cough, a teaspoon can be added to teaor coffee, or half a teaspoon can be rubbed onto the chest. At the onset of fever, takeone teaspoon oil when needed; it will induce

perspiration and hence, offer relief. 4.Helps Improve Vision. Black seed oil is said to improve vision andalso treat other eye infections. For this purpose, the oil needs to be rubbed onto theeyelids and on the sides of the orbit before going to bed. It is also suggested that totake a glass of carrot juice mixed with half a teaspoon of this oil. Take this remedy oncea day. 5.Provides Relief from Back Pain. Due to its healing and antiinflammatory propertiesblack seed oil helps provide relief from back

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