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Acanthosis Nigricans DermTV Epi 452

The skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricansfortunately is uncommon, but pseudo Acanthosis Nigricans unfortunatelyisn't. If you were formally schooledLatin, youknow exactly what I'm talking about. But if you weren't, stay tuned! Let's start with what Acanthosis Nigricans, which I'm going to refer to as ANthisepisode. Start with what it looks like, which'llthen make you want to know more. And just to make it a little more interesting,

the real Acanthosis Nigricans and “faux�Acanthosis Nigricans, which is the more common Pseudo AcanthosisNigricans, look essentially identical. Since Acanthosis just means a thickening orovergrowth of the upper layer of your skin and Nigricansreally means dark or black, if we put this together its really a descriptiveterm from which you expect to see a dark overgrowth or thickeningof your skin. Acanthosis Nigricans appears as tan to darkbrown velvety surfaced plaques with parallel lines which when even deeperlook like velvety parallel ribs

like the nap of caring. You usually get it on the parts of the bodywhere skin tends to rub against skin, such as underarms, neck and upper inner thighs, but it can occurother areas as well. Because these brown, raised, unattractivepatches and plaques don't itch or burn orany other way botheryou except cosmetically, which is personally important and a real qualityof life issue, the medical importance of Acanthosis Nigricansis why it occurs

and whether it reflects something importantinternally. Most cases of Acanthosis Nigricans are nottrue Acanthosis Nigricans, but fortunately the Pseudo form which occursfrom being overweight. The real Acanthosis Nigricans comes from certainendocrine diseases such as diabetes, polycystic ovary synome, other less common hormonal imbalances, But and most importantly, Acanthosis Nigricanscan be a reflection of an internal cancer which most commonly are malignancies of thegastrointestinal tract,

uterus and sometimes even the lung, prostate,breast or ovary. And last there are some people who have AcanthosisNigricans with no apparent associated disease and arenot overweight. For the first group whose Acanthosis is associatedwith obesity, endocrine problems or cancers, treating theunderlying condition will resulta remarkable improvement of the Acanthosis, but what about those people who fortunatelydon't have an underlying disease causing this

but still have the cosmetic impact of thickenedbrown skiné For those people there are ways of minimizing the cosmetic impact of this unusual rash. Because it's caused by thickening and darkeningof the skin, treatment with products that bleach the extrabrown and reduce the dead layers of the skin arehelpful. So believe it or not, even with the unusual, here we are back to treatment with exfoliantsand bleaches once again.

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