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Yeast Infection Urine

Can A Yeast Infection Turn Into A Urinary Tract Infection If Left Untreated

Good day, Eric Bakker again, naturopath, withanother frequently asked question for Candida Crusher. Can a yeast infection turn into a urinarytract infection if left untreatedé Well, yeast infections can predispose youto many different types of infections. They,turn, are there because of poor or compromisedimmunity and,turn, can further compromise your lowered immunity and predispose you toa UTI or urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are common for certaintypes of people. Elderly women, I find, have more, but many women suffer from recurringUTIs as well, particularly younger women who

often have these. UTIS can come about throughincreased sexual activity, but also infrequent emptying or bladder issues. Lowered immunityor compromised immunity is a key reason why people would have a UTI. So inking plentyof water is a clever idea and boosting immunity up. Coming back to that question again, can aUTI be there because of a yeast infectioné It can be because of the predisposing factor,but yeast infections don't generally cause UTIs as such, but they can develop out ofyeast infections. So basically the smart thing to do if youhave got a UTI is to improve your immune health

and your urinary health and I'll be coveringmore detailsfurther FAQs on UTIs to give you some very good ideas on how you can overcomea urinary tract infection. These are things that you can get on top of. So I hope that answers your questionaroundabout way. Thank you.

Burning Urination Is It Caused By A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher. Another question. Burning urination, is it caused by a Candidayeast infectioné It could well be. I've associated many casesof burning urination with yeast infections. Dysuria or burning urination can be as a consequenceof a urinary tract infection more commonly, which could be bacterialorigin. So thesmartest thing for you to do would be to go to your and go and get checked out.Have a urine test first to see what organisms are present therethe urine to see if itcan be cultured, whether it's bacterial or yeast. A smear test may also be quite appropriatein this case. So there could be various things

involvedburning urination, but you needto get checked out if it's recurring. Burning urination, ink more water. Makeup a nice tea from some real cranberries instead of that ink that you buy full of sugar.These are clever things to do with dysuria. So to answer your question, is it yeasté Getchecked out first. Make sure what you're dealing with, whether it's bacterial or fungal, andthat will give you a good idea on what to treat once you've got your results back. Generallyif these problems are acute and don't occur too often and are selflimiting, you can treatthem at home. But if you have recurrent burning urination, then you'll certainly need a treatment.

My book, Candida Crusher, explains a lot moreabout treatments which are going to help you considerably with various urinary disorders.So certainly get a copy and have a look. So I hope that answers your question. Getchecked out first and I'm going to do some other YouTube clips on what to do with situationslike burning urination. Thank you.

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