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Yeast Infection Wipes

How To Treat Male Yeast Infections

How to treat a male yeast infection. That'sa question I get asked quite regularly. How do I treat this problem that I've goté Whatdo I do to overcome ité Many men that I speak with with male yeastinfection think that they can cure this problem with local treatment. That's what they do.They just put some cream on or they take some pills, and they're going to cure this condition. It doesn't really work like that. You needto look more at a holistic treatment program. If you have a look at my website, yeastinfection ,or if you purchase my book, Candida Crusher, have a look at Chapter 7 and you'll see thatit's a fivestage process. If you put this

program together properly and tackle it fromfive different areas, you're going to actually get rid of this thing. It could take threemonths. It could take four months. It could take six months, but you're going to wihis thing out, and that's the aim. That's what you're trying to achieve. You're tryingto get rid of this yeast infection, and you can achieve that by following my fivestageprogram. So let's just talk about that fivestep program now. One of the most important of all of thesefive stages is eating the correct kind of food. There will be a lot more tutorials youcan read about the Candida Crusher threestage

diet, but I'll give you a bit of a brief overviewon what this diet is. Basically, we start off taking junk out ofpeople's diets and do what we call quot;the big clean up.quot; We remove all the crap. We takealcohol out. We take out all the junky foods, the soda inks, the candy or the sweats,the pizzas, the takeaway food, a lot of the crappy foods that people eat, lots of whitebread, jams and things like that. We take a lot of sauces out of the tomato sauce witha lot of sugarit, we've got to get rid of that. We get rid of a lot of the high sugarfruits out of the diet. We take out a lot of foods that contain lots of sugar, processedfoods, for example, not a very good idea to

have. We're trying to really look for a dietwhich is highgood proteins, lean meats, eggs, plenty of vegetables and also some yogurt,these are good foods to eat. Stage two, we're going to look at immunityand stress,particular, and also what I call the metabolites of Candida. It's veryimportant for you to understand that poor immune function leads to a stage where you'regoing to get certain hormones produceda lesser amount, so your immune system is,in fact, powered a lot less than it should be. So unless it's powered up, you can't reallyget rid of this infection. Not many people focus on stress and poor immunitywhen it comes to eradiion of Candida. They

tend to look at killing Candida and gettingrid of sugar and using antifungals, but they don't look at powering up the immune system.So a big focus of my work is for you to understand that stress and poor immune function willperuate the male yeast infection. You need to get a handle on this. Read some more ofmy articles on stress and you'll understand the connection. The third stage is cleansing and detox, somost people need to clean up their bodies, particularly if they've been inking alcohol,lots of caffeine, poor foods, high stress, they need to clean up their liver and theirkidneys and their digestive system. Having

a clean body means you will be able to getrid of a lot of waste more quickly, and your body's immune system will worka lot greatercapacity as well. Cleansing and detox is a very important part of the Candida program.That's the third element. The fourth element is special foods, supplements,andparticular, dietary supplements. You got food supplements. You got dietary supplements.The sort of special foods you can look at are things like garlic, fresh garlicthediet, and oregano. Oregano is one of my favorite herbs for Candida, but other herbs like thymeand basil and rosemary, these are also very good to use. Coconut, coconut oil is a specialfood. And, of course, there are certain dietary

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