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Vaginitis Candida BV Trichomoniasis Wet Mount Whiff Test Vaginal pH Trich Albicans gardnerella

Distinguished future physicians welcome toStomp on Step 1 the only free tutorials series that helps you study more efficiently by focusingon the highest yield material. I'm Brian McDaniel and I will be your guide on thisjourney through vulvovaginal infections. This is the 3rd tutorialmy playlist covering allof microbio. Vulvovaginitis (AKA Vaginitis) is inflammationof the lower genital tract. It is usually due to infection, but there are a wide varietyof causes. During this tutorial we will focus on the 3 most important causes of vulvovaginitisfor the medical board exam (trichomonas, candida and BV). However, you should know that othertypes of vaginitis include mechanical irritation,

allergic reactions (to soaps or feminine products)and a variety of other infections. Atrophic Vaginitis is a common cause of vaginitis inpostmenopausal women and we will cover thata later tutorialthe GYN section. Gonorrheaand Chlamydia present primarily with cervicitis, but it can also cause vulvovaginitis. GCwill be covered laterits own tutorial. We will start with a few different tests thatwe will use to differentiate between the different infections.Wet Prep (AKA Wet Mount Test) is a microscopic examination of vaginal discharge used to differentiatebetween different types of vulvovaginitis. The vaginal specimen is obtained using a speculumand a que tip similar to how one gets a pap

smear. Then the specimen is rubbed onto aglass slide. One half of the slide has a op of saline added to it while the other halfof the slide has a op of 1020% KOH (Potassium hyoxide) added to it.When Saline is added it makes it easier to view clue cells for BV flagellated motilecells for trichomonas. The KOH kills bacteria and vaginal cells leavingonly yeast cells. This makes it easier to view the psuedohyphae and budding yeast presentduring vulvovaginal candidiasis. KOH is also alkalotic so it can be used fora “Whiff Test.� In this scenario when the alkalotic KOH is added to a sample containingBV it will create an amine or fishy smell.

This is a similar principle behind how thesmell of BV can increase after unprotected sex since semen is alkalotic. The normal vaginal pH for a reproductive agewoman is about 4, while the normal vaginal pH before puberty and after menopause is about7. During puberty there is an estrogen guided increasethe growth lactobacilli flora.These bacteria break down glycogen into lactic acid which lowers pH from about 7 to about4. Now that you know the normal values you can apply it to diseases. Usually, BacterialVaginosis Trichomonas have alkalotic pH (gt;4.5reproductive age women) while candidahas normal pH (lt;4.5). pH paper can be tested

by using pH paper on vaginal discharge. You can see here at the top right corner thatI give BV a high yield rating of 3 on a scale from 1 to 10. If you want to learn more about that ratingsystem you can go to my website or click on this orange box here if you are watching thistutorial on a computer. Bacterial Vaginosis (AKA BV) is a polymicrobialinfection caused by the overgrowth of normal flora. The key bacteriathis infectionis gram negative Gardnerella Vaginalis. Clue cells are visible on the saline portionof a wet prep. A Clue Cell is a sloughed mucosal

squamous epithelial cell coveredmany adherentcoccoid bacteria (Gardenerella Vaginalis). Here is a picture comparing normal squamousepithelial cells with a few stered lactobacill to squamous cells that are coveredthousandsof adherent garenerella bacteria. Here is one more pic. You can see on the leftwe have a normal squamos epithelial cell with a few WBCs. On the right we have the darkerClue cells. Finally I have a photomicrograph to look atin case you see that on your test. A thinwatery graywhite discharge is presentA fouls smell is present and often described as an Amine Odor or Fishy Smell. This smellis intensified after unprotected intercourse

Are Essential Oils Good For Candida

Thank you for tuning into this tutorial today.Today we're going to talk a little bit about essential oils and Candida. I have a questionhere from a lady called LisaItaly. Lisa wants to know if essential oils are any goodfor yeast infections. They are, Lisa. In fact, there are many different kinds of essentialoils that you can use to counter Candida. In fact,2012, there was an article I foundin the Journal of Ethnopharmacology regarding different kinds of natural ingredients andtheir effectiveness against a whole range of different conditions. This journal articlestated that essential oils were very powerfuleradiing Candida biofilms. Biofilmsare something that Candida can produce inside

the body. We find themdifferent typesof Candida conditions. People who go to s can pick up biofilms from things like hetersor prosthetic heart valves or various operations. Candida can get inside the body.Biofilms can be notoriously hard to eradie, but the journal actually stated that someof the essential oils were used like clove, for example, and oregano can be more powerfulthan Amphotericin B and fluconazole, which are pharmaceutical ugs. Nature is very cleverhow she manufactures various chemical compounds. And unlike peoplelaboratories, these aren'tsynthetic ingredients. These are very complex organic compounds with many different structuresinside them. Nature also is very clever in

that it manufactures things to counter infectionsitself. If you look, traditionallyhistory howfor many huneds of years people have used various different spices and herbscooking.There is no accident here. These weren't just putfor no reason. People actually includedthesenot just for flavor, but because they also knew that they had very powerfulantimicrobial, antifungal and antiparasitic qualities. People knew that when they flavoredmeats or foods with these spices and herbs containing essential oils that it would improvehow they felt, that it would get rid of gut problems and it would make them feel betterand increase their health and wellbeing.

If we look at cloveparticular, clove hasbeen used now for about 600 years, if not longer, by many different people. In Hollandwhere I grew up, the Dutch brought clove back from the Spice Islands, Indonesia and theMalaccan Islandsthese areas, since about the 1500s they brought these spices back.Many people have been using spices,particularly, spice oils and spices for a long, long time.There's a whole wide range of essential oils that you can use for Candida. Some of thebest ones would include things like clove, oregano, tea tree, lemon grass, Patchouli,there's a whole wide range of essential oils that you can use internally and topically.You need to be very careful using essential

oils internally and only work with a qualifiedaroma therapist or a who really understands the use of essential oils internally.I've used certain types of extracts inside my Canxida Remove formula, 11fact now.I've just upgraded this product to 12 of the best antifungal ingredients, and there aresome particular types of oilsthis. Oregano oil is usedthis, but it's useda verysafe way and mixedwith other antifungalantibacterial compounds.Try to incorporate some of these plants into your diet, oregano, clove, very good to putin. But any of the woody spices or herbs is good to put into your diet. Thyme is verygood to put into your diet as well. These

things contain many different compounds thatwill help to get rid of Candidayour body. Yes, Lisa, essential oils can be used verysuccessfully. I often recommend tea tree oil to be used topically on the skin. Read somemore of my informationmy book, Candida Crusher, and also please check out yeastinfection ,and I think I've created some other tutorials regarding these compounds as well.Thank you for the question and thank you for tuning into my tutorial today.

Young Living Essential Oils Review Position Your Business For Success To Get Leads Sales

hello guys will let us hear from minorcrash force billion chance are youto YouTube or Google you type inyoung living essential oils to find out whether or not the only visaright this is not perhaps you are a part of the only if you want to find out howto market your business to the next level whatever the case will explain to you alittle bit about you leaving but I'll also explain to you the 3d principleallows me to actually my first mission line with Jesse friends and family nowwhat about your needs are you leaving is

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