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Diaper Rash Treatment Parents

Even if you're super vigilant about changingyour baby's diaper, you probably won't be able to dodge diaper rash forever. With afew simple strategies you can clear it up quickly. To keep the rash clean change yourbaby's diaper as soon as you realize it's wet or dirty. Even mild baby wipes can irritatesore skin. So use just water and a washcloth or soft paper towel to gently wipe the area.When you are done, if you have time, let your baby roam around without a diaper to allowthe rash to y out. Just be sure to put a waterproof mat underneath your babycasehe pees. If you're short on time shake a little corn starch based baby powder into your palmaway from baby and apply it to his bottom.

Finish by applying a thick coat of diapercream all over to form a barrier between the baby's skin and the diaper. Finally, watchfor anything unusual. If your baby gets a rash all over his bottom he could be allergicto the diaper itself. So switch to a different brand. If he develops blisters call your .They can signal if it's strep or staph infection. Which will require a prescription cream.

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