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Yeast Infection Zucchini

Candida Diet Plan Ultimate AntiCandida Diet For Candida Overgrowth

Hi there. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietarysupplements. Thanks for checking out my tutorial today. Today, I'm going to teach you how toreally do a proper Candida diet. We're going to go through different steps of my CandidaCrusher dietary approach. I've got a question here from a man calledJoelChicago,the United States, and Joel is asking me if I can do a good, comprehensivetutorial on the Candida diet. Joel wants to know about the antiCandida diet. He wants to knowsome Candida recipes. He wants to know Candida foods to eat, Candida foods to avoid and allthose sorts of things.

But before you check out my tutorial, pleaseclick on the linkthe description box below this tutorial to download your 13page free report.It's a report that I normally use for my new clients who come and see me with yeast infections.They will get this free report. It's also a part of my book. This report is worth atleast $20, if not more. It's yours for free. Just click on the link below and it will takeyou to a page where you can download that free report. I think you'll find it quitehandy. Joel, let's go into this Candida Crusher dietaryapproach. My Candida diet approach really involves three stages. Before I put peoplethrough the three stages, I generally like

them to go through a big cleanup. So we'lltidy up the diet first. Generally, the lifestyle and diet need a bit of a tidy up when peopleget serious about revitalizing their digestive function. If they really want to get well,they need to make some changes, but I'm not about making changes very quick with people.I prefer that they slowly make change. Slow changes and generally over a period of many,many weeks will usually mean that new habits become formed. New lifestyle and dietary habitsbecome formed. Then when these become formed, slowly theybecome permanentyour life. And when these habits become permanent, it means that thesehealthy habits will ensure that you don't

get a repeat of the old symptoms and thatyou stay well for life. That, to me, is what it's all about. Not just eradiing symptomswith pills or eradiing symptoms with a diet, but building incredible health and wellnessthrough making life long permanent changes. That's what we're all about. The big cleanupis something you can read about at yeastinfection , so be sure to check out yeastinfection .That's got about a thousand of my articles on that site.Let's look at stage one first. Stage one of the Candida Crusher diet approach is calledthe MEVY diet, meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt. Let's look at that. Let's look atwhat the MEVY diet or the stage one approach

really encompasses. The first thing we'vegot to do, of course, on the MEVY, which you should have already done on the big cleanup,is to get rid of all the processed and junk foods out of your diet. If I go to your refrigeratorand open it up, am I going to find lots of jars and bottles there with all sorts of sweetsauces or foods that have beenthere for many days or even weeks, they all need togo into the garbage can. You need to get rid of all of those. Have a good look at yourpantry and your kitchen bench and your freezer and start making some changes there. All ofthese things could do with a big cleanup themselves. Cut back on the amount of foods that you buywhen you go outterms of takeaway food.

Stopping off somewhere and buying a pizzaor getting donuts or getting foods that are highly processed, you need to stop these habits.Because these are the habits that are not going to be really good if you want to recoverfrom a yeast infection or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, what we call SIBO. SIBOand Candida often go handhand. Avoid white sugar, white flour, soda inks, takeawayfoods, beer, alcohol, wine, and all these sorts of thingsgeneral. Any kind of candiesor chocolates. These things all need to go. They just don't form any placethe digestivesystem if you want to recover from Candida. Include liberal amounts of fresh, unprocessed,and nutritional foods. A good thing to do

VitaMix Alfredo Sauce Noodles BlenditandMendit

Hi, I'm Jane from BlenditandMendit where I show you how I turn my VitaMix blender into my 1antiaging tool. Welcome. Today I am making my AntiAging Alfredo Sauce with AntiAgingNoodles made from zucchini spirals. Beautiful and tasty. Bringon the fresh basil. The first step is to make the noodles.It's very simple. Take a zucchini, wash it, cut ithalf, and put itone of thesespiralizers, which is very easy to do as you can see. All you have to do isturn the handle and you get fat noodles or you get thin noodles.I'm making thin noodles today, but here's

what the fat noodles look like. They're verypretty, and you can make either. If you don't have a spiralizer, goahead and peel the zucchini and just use the strips as your noodles.Either one works. To make the Alfredo sauce, take 2 cups of cashews, soak them for about30 minutes, we're talking raw cashews, not roasted, ain them and add themto the VitaMix. One clove of peeled garlic. The juice of 12 lemon. 1 cup of water. 1 teaspoon of sea salt,

and one tablespoon of nutritional yeast flakes. They give it that cheesy flavor. And that'sall that's required for the Alfredo sauce. We don't even have to cook anything,we just whip it upthe VitaMix and pour it over our delicious noodles. and garnish it with lots of fresh basil and tomatoes.Start it out on low, and then turn it up. Blend until it's creamy smooth, about 45 secondsor so. Let's see what we've got. You're gonna love this. It's delicious. Justa hint of the garlic. Lookthere. Creamy, creamy, creamy Alfredo sauce.This happens to be a raw, vegan version. Raw

vegan version, say that fast three times.Ok, mmm. delicious. Let's pour it over our antiagingzucchini noodles and garnish with some ribbons of basil and dicedup fresh tomato. This rolls just like spaghetti on your fork. Creamy. Dash of lemon, dash of garlic, perfectamount of salt. It has the body of regular Alfredo sauce. And the noodles.and the fresh basil. This food is so much fun. You feel so goodafter you eat it. You feel good while you're eating it. You feel good while you'remaking it. So full of water and life giving,

nutrient dense properties. The phytonutrients,the antioxidants, I'm gonna put thisthe refrigerator andI will get to nibble on it all day, just like I did that Toum kalesalad yesterday. That was a great day.

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